Discovering Intuitive Vision

Intuition:  to know the unknown and see the yet unseen.
We "feel in our gut" this Truth Wisdom Within.
We can use Intuition to Guide our Lives and Unlock our Dreams.

For reasons I only begin to grasp and take no personal credit for, I have had countless and varied intuitive experiences that cannot be accounted for by the "5-Senses Theory" taught in school, nor by "unconscious memory" from past experiences. Sure, there are those times when I think of someone moments before they call, or synchronistically meet just the right person at the right time, just like anyone. For me, it has gone way beyond that. And, it started early in my life.

Once, at about 11 years old, it happened like this: I'm doing wheelies on my Stingray bike with my friend up and down driveways...then I'm approaching to go up a driveway onto the sidewalk, when I see in my mind and feel in my gut the experience of a bird pooping on my head if I go under this next tree. I think, "I Should I go around! How could I know that? Nah, I'm going to ride under it anyway."


As I rolled under the shadow of the tree, I felt the wet thud on my scalp, and stopped. When my buddy caught up, all he saw was the poop on my head. He was laughing too hard to hear me try to tell him "I knew that was going to happen" or to comprehend what filled my shocked and curious mind from that pivotal experience. I was putting together memory data about other less stark occurances of knowingness, as I used to call it, and comparing it with the science books I loved. When I went home and told my parents about it and saw their shocked and frightened faces, the message was clear; they don't know, they don't want to know, and it scares them. I kept it to myself for years. I know, maybe you're thinking I still should, but...

Synchronicities are those things that are noticibly not mere chance co-incidence. I ride under thousands of trees each year. Never before nor since have I ever had a similiar tree/bird premonition nor another wet thud in my 50+ riding years. Now, you will have to go by your own direct experiences, of course, but these are mine. I share simply as a way to explore what is happening in the inner/outer connection systems of which we seem to be living. I'd like to have a conversation about it, and how it shows up in your life.

IntuiVISION is a place to explore the implications of a universe in which all information is present and percievable everywhere about everything. I know, I'm climbing out on a limb here, to some people's thinking, by saying this, but someone has to do it. Something infinitely synchronized and unbound by time/space seems to be the backgound condition within which intuition is encountered. There seems to be something infinitely entertwined. It may be something that goes beyond receiving. It presents the possibility of a way to generate "Synchronicity Requests" to the universe.

I am clear that Intuition is the most important of the senses. It saved my life several times by alerting me seconds before near auto accidents, and helped me get in touch with someone across the world. Believe me, I had the known 5 senses on alert, so I'm not suggesting that we give up on them. If it is an actual sense, then there are more than 5 senses. Can we then awaken, uncover ,and sharpen this sense?

I find that becoming attuned to the ever present intuitive wisdom residing within is like having one of those answer filled 8-balls you shake up while asking it a question. All answers are already inside us, and in the world, awaiting activation. Through Intuition the world is directly accessible to us, and we to the world. As a mutual "call and response" mechanism, Intuitition is responsive to the questions we pose, and also to the intentions we think and speak, no matter whether conscious or not.

We can learn to listen when something important is "knocking on our mind" or on that place where we "feel in our gut" so much truth about life. Though it is less widely understood, we can use those same senses to communicate our thoughts and dreams to the world in order to activate the elements and connectons that will cause their fulfillment. Perhaps, everyone actually is doing this at all times, but it usually lies below the threshold of awareness except when it occurs in unmistakable ways. Synchronicity can be "unexpected", or, as I and others have lived, it can be generated. The implications are exciting and inspiring.

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